And Then One Day I Just Got Tired of Talking

Actually, that happens every day. I’m a salesman; I talk all day long, five (or more) days a week.

But it’s not like I don’t have anything to say. I actually have a lot to say – I’ve just been keeping most of it in my little head. Anyway…

Since I last wrote on this little page:

I have kicked some serious ass in my work – until the past month when closing the business has been more difficult than I expected. I’ve also been to Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, and DC. All in the past month.

Oh, AND I went to New Orleans with my friends Pam, Ellie, and Sarah. And April and Rachel. And new friends Helen Jane and Mir and Christine. And was photographed by Karen.

We decided to buy a new house, and we’ll be moving in this Saturday. We are very excited. And also nervous. And excited.

Also, OH MY GOD, everything always happens all at once!

I’ll be very happy to see May 1st.