Confession: I Am a Workaholic

This realization should come as no surprise to me. But it kinda does. When I take time off, I feel guilty for not working. And then I feel guilty for not enjoying some down time while also feeling guilty about not working. It’s stupid, really, to feel guilty for feeling guilty. Stupid or crazy.

It’s not that I can’t rest. I can. But I must force myself. I must actively redirect thoughts as they stray back to work and household chores and the things I should be doing instead. (Note: should is a guilt work. When you find it, kill it. Kill it dead.)


2 thoughts on “Confession: I Am a Workaholic

  1. haven't visited here in a while. Sorry.Remember the sabbath was made for man. Work like crazy 6 days and rest on the seventh. Forget about the work and household duties. Devote yourself to inner reflection and time with gamily and the Lord.It really is a great life-saver. 😀

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