About Sadness

It’s been more than a year since this little corner of the internet has seen a post about, or inspired by, or questioning, or thinking about faith. And that’s mostly the result of a fairly open conversation on the subject of what I believe may or may not be true about the origin of our species.

But that post, and the resulting discussion, were really about what faith is left in me.




It varies day to day. And I know that sounds obtuse or abstract or absurd. Beyond comprehension for most people I know, and all too real so for many others of my acquaintance.

On odd days, there is a loving God in the heavens. On even days, we’re all alone in this big, empty universe.

Here’s the rub: I parted ways with the what I once believed.

Sounds dramatic, but it isn’t.

We all dig into this life, chewing through holy writ looking for meaning or meditating in silence on a quest for peace or running for miles trying to conquer some tiny piece of our existence. We. All. Do. It.

And these efforts take us so many different places. We are never where we started, and we cannot go back.

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