CQ Come Back

I didn’t mean to be gone so long. I meant to be gone longer.

But I can’t not-write. Rather, I can not-write on this blog, but the words still spill out in other places. Most notably my journal, which used to be full of art and doodles and ephemera, but is not filled with words and thoughts and ideas. Or into my patient husband’s ears, when my thoughts and ideas pour out like some babbling brook in spring.

Today, I read on Seth Godin’s blog: “Invisible is an option, of course. You can lay low, not speak up and make no difference to anyone…You’ll get no criticism, but no delight either.”

He’s right. And I love and hate that he’s right. That I’ve been laying low and hiding from criticism, which has only resulted in silence. I anticipate no applause or accolade for this obscure corner of the internet, but that was never why I wrote in the first place. I wrote because I must – because I write every day.

Anyway, if you’re still checking in here, I beg for your patience and kindness, though I don’t deserve it. Thank you. So much.

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