Can I Get a Witness?

So many of the people I know (online and in-real-life) are going through major life transitions. Divorce, pregnancy, career changes, crises of faith, cross-country and international moves, so on and so forth. Their lives are turned upside down and inside out.

And in all this confusion and agony and excitement, they’re telling the story. Documenting the change.

And for most of these friends and acquaintances, there’s not much I can do or say (beyond words of encouragement, hugs, and general kindness) that can hasten their journey or even lighten their burden very much.

Sometimes, just being witness to it all – seeing them and their heartache and joy and not looking away or dismissing or minimizing or offering false-comfort – sometimes, that’s all I can offer. And most times, that’s enough.

“See me. Hear me. Know me.”

And to do so acknowledges our oneness in these struggles. We are together, and we are not alone.