Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

In high school, I won a choreography award, beating out dozens of young women who had been dancing since they could walk. I had only been studying for three years.

In college, I was very nearly persuaded to change my major from education to art. I changed it mathematics. I should have chosen art.

I worked as a legal assistant during one summer break from college. I loved picking juries, and I was pretty good at it. I took the LSAT in 2009 and scored 162. I don’t want to be a lawyer.

I ran away from home at age 4. Next door to my grandmother’s house. I only packed bikini bottoms.

As a child, I deeply believed that the only way to go to heaven was to save someone’s life.

When I’m having a panic attack, I silently repeat “Hold Your Shit Together” until I can breathe again. It almost always works.

My ears are uneven. My pierces were placed in a different location on each lobe so that earrings would look even.

I have co-written two books. My name does not appear on either cover, though my first name appears in the dedication of both.

When I’m alone, I read books aloud in an English accent. And I make whatever gesture or facial expression is being described.

I learned to eat with my left hand to keep from bumping elbows with my college roommate who always sat on my right at meals.

I really, really love being alive.

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