41. And then learn to roller blade.

Because I’m obviously not a very good ice skater

And because a short snow skiing lesson turned out to be seriously fun…

And because I like a good challenge…

And mostly because I want that feeling of floating and zipping and zooming along.

Last weekend, we bought some inline skates so that I could practice in our neighborhood, which has a surprisingly unused recreation area. (There is a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a 1/3 mile track. All in a mild state of disrepair, but perfect for me – because nobody goes there and will thus be spared my humiliation.)

We also bought a couple tennis rackets. Partly as a protest against a horrible 7th grade tennis coach who basically said, “you’re a horrible tennis player, go find some other sport.”

I’m still holding a grudge. I really liked tennis then, poor player that I was, and I was heartbroken that she didn’t want to help me learn.

Flash forward twenty-six years (dear god!) to a slightly rundown court in a disused quarry in the heat of a hill country afternoon…there you’ll find me, grinning like a fool in love, tennis racket in hand.

I’m still bad at it. I just don’t care anymore.