Carving a Canyon

Some conversations are like working your way through solid rock one drop of water at a time. The water wins, eventually. But the rock puts up a hell of a fight.

Not good sales practice, really.

Full to Bursting

I’ve been in training all day today and will continue through tomorrow morning. The great news is that this training is pretty great and applies to almost everything I do. The not-so-great news is that (like most other training) we’re trying to cram a BUNCH of information and skills into our limited brains ALL AT ONCE.

The upshot is that by 4pm, I had a headache. And now, two hours and two Advil later, I still have a headache.

Ah well.


Tea & Toast. But not any ordinary tea and toast. English Breakfast Tea, brewed strong and dark and served with cream. And whole wheat toast, buttered and topped with bread & butter pickles.

Pickles. Second only to the best bread & butter pickles on the planet. I’m pretty sure I learned to enjoy these sweet delights on buttered toast from my Dad. And if memory serves, he and I could eat an entire jar all on our own. In one sitting.

My grandmother made the absolute best bread & butter pickles ever. Cut thick and packed into a little pint-sized Mason or Bell jar. The ones I enjoyed this morning were not hers, sadly. But they were made by someone’s grandmother, sold a the local Farmer’s Market. Unbelievable thinly sliced, light on the sugar, heavy on the celery seed. Good, but not quite perfect.

Nonetheless, a tasty way to start the day.

Love you, Dad. Hope you had a happy birthday and wished we could have shared a meal this morning. Mwah!

How to Clean Out the Freezer

Place one 750ml glass bottle of Perrier in top shelf of freezer.

Return in three hours.

Remove all contents, including innumerable shards of green glass.

Rinse everything you want to keep. Discard a couple years worth of forgotten, frostbitten food.

Wash out the interior.

Replace contents. And another bottle of Perrier.

Feeling a Little Jumpy

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing this odd twitching in the muscle just below my left eye. It’s completely random. And amazingly irritating.

If I knew what was causing it, I’d make it stop. But as it stands, I’m starting to wonder if something is seriously wrong. Not that I’m neurotic or anything. Or obsessive. Or paranoid. Nope, not me.

News Flash

If it’s after nine o’clock at night and it’s dark out and the porch lights are off and no one answers the door bell, then it’s a pretty good bet that banging on the door to sell magazines (or get a petition signed or hand out religious tracts or whatever the heck you were doing door-to-door in my neighborhood in the middle of the night) will most definitely get you a seriously dirty look and the most forceful “not interested” you have ever heard in your life.

The Circling Kind of Storm

I pulled Wife extra close to me. I need her extra close. We listened to the booming and then the sheets of rain. We talked about hard things. I wished I could pull her into my skin, so that there would never ever again be anything that could come between us. This is why you have to hold your beloved close, so that nothing divides you, and because sometimes it feels like your heart won’t beat right unless the gentle thunder of her heart’s rhythm finds its way through your flesh.

-Tony Woodlief, Sand in the Gears